Bannerman is a project built around the songwriting of Richard Setford.  The Bannerman world is a place of imagination and cinematic ambition.  Think wind swept battlefields, detached murderers, nostalgic lovers, natural disasters and the shadow of time. 

Bannerman are a Berlin based group combining the song writing of Richie Setford and the musicianship of Ben Anderson, Erez Frank, Magnus Bang-Olsen and Oliver Emmitt. They have released 3 albums and 1 EP to wide critical acclaim, winning a 2012 NZ Music Award and being shortlisted for the Silver Scroll, New Zealand’s most revered song writing accolade.

The songs have a compelling and dynamic structure; they can be quietly dramatic, sweeping, disarming and melancholic. A sweet and sad undercurrent with just enough groove to get you through the night. 
Music to sway to, music to swoon to.

Bannerman have supported Tiny Ruins, Margaret Glaspy, Julia JacklinThe Magic NumbersShovels & Rope, Anais Mitchell, Menace Beach and Lawrence Arabia.

Their most recent release was the 2016 EP 'Here Comes The Day'.




"In his darker moments, he might be a more tuneful Nick Cave, but his melodies are so full of unexpected twists, his chord changes so cunning, that I'm equally reminded of the Beatles' White Album era."

– Nick Bollinger (The Listener)

"...brooding lo fi lush awkwardly perfect glory." (Bannerman EP) - Andrew Tidball (

“Although Bannerman dwells at least some of the time in a melacholic's world, there is a curious catharsis here over the 10 songs which inscribe an emotional chart where uncertainty and hurt are evident and even accepted, but the letting go is as important as the experience. Again, to repeat myself, an outstanding album.” (Dearly Departed)
- Graham Reid (

“Another fantastic release, Dearly Departed deserves to be heard and celebrated widely”
- 4/5, Paul Comrie-Thomson (Rip It Up Magazine)

“A deeply engaging listen...” (Dearly Departed) - 4.5/5 Lydia Jenkin (NZ Herald)

“ album that you want to righteously declare belongs in every music collection.” (Clawhammer)
- 4.5/5 Mike Alexander (

“Richie Setford has delivered a mighty classy, wide-ranging third album that places him in the top ranks of writer/performers.” (Clawhammer)
- 4.5/5 Jeff Harford (Otago Daily Times)